FMI 3.0.1 Release Candidate 2 is ready for review

The release candidate 2 for FMI 3.0.1 is ready for review:

During the inspection period of FMI 3.0.1rc1, a major issue was fixed:

There was an ambiguity, which FMI functions, have to be implemented for each FMU kind. It was decided by a FMI Steering Committee: “The FMU must implement all API functions declared in fmi3Functions.h, even if they are only needed for interface types or optional capabilities that the FMU does not support. The behavior of those functions is unspecified, so while calling environments can rely on the functions being present, they cannot rely on any particular behavior for functions only needed for capabilities or interface types the FMU does not support.” and further guidance is given in non-normative text.

Other minor clarifications have also been added compared to FMI 3.0.1rc1, see changelog.

Now a 4-week inspection period starts and will last until July 8 2023. In the last week of the inspection period, only editorial or typographic changes are allowed. In case of findings, please open an issue on If there are no blockers detected, the FMI Project will release FMI 3.0.1 afterwards.