What are the new features of FMI 3.0?

What are the license and usage conditions for the FMI standard?

Access and use of the FMI standard is free of charge. However, vendors may charge for their tools to support the FMI standard, either by exporting FMUs or by importing FMUs.

To be clear: While the FMI standard is open and free, commercial implementations might not be.

How can I join the FMI mailing lists?

Does my simulation tool support FMI?

Please see the FMI tools page for a list of tools for that tool vendors have announced their support of FMI.

Tool vendors carry sole responsibility for their stated FMI support and the provided compatibility results.

Does FMI 2.0 support Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)?

There are two kinds of FMI variants: Model Exchange and Co-Simulation.

Model-Exchange FMUs encode ODEs. PDE-support is not planned yet, but the demand for it is increasing.

The second kind, Co-Simulation FMUs, can contain any kind of simulation component because it does not expose states. So as long as you want to simply encapsulate PDEs, this could be done.

But explicitly exposing a PDE to a solver using FMUs is currently not supported.