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Who we are and what we do

We are a group of companies, institutes and universities organized under the umbrella of the Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface.

We are defining an open standard called Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). This standard will improve and simplify the exchange of dynamic system models between different modelling, simulation and co-simulation tools. Applications range from software/model/hardware-in-the-loop simulation to embedded systems.

Project leader: Andreas Junghanns

How to contribute to the FMI development

All contributors have to sign the Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA). Therefore, the first step is getting your company to agree and sign the CCLA. The CCLA ensures that all IP contributed to the FMI standard will be licensed to the Modelica Association (MA) which in turn will sublicense the FMI standard to tool vendors implementing it and end users using it, free of charge.

With the CCLA signed by your company, we will grant you access to our IT infrastructure. We will add you to the FMI design mailing list. There you will be invited to our regular FMI design meetings. You will get access to the FMI SVN repository and wiki Both are the central information hubs for the Modelica Association Project (MAP) FMI. Here you can also find which working groups are currently working on FMI Change Proposals (FCPs) and you can decide which one of them to join (email the respective working group leader shown in a wiki table), or, if you have other ideas, you may propose to start and lead a new working group addressing your improvement to the FMI standard by searching for collaborators on the FMI design mailing list and/or presenting your ideas at a face-to-face design meeting.

Companies that have shown continued commitment and valuable contributions will be invited to join the FMI Advisory Committee. This membership is mostly ceremonial and its most important function is to recognise publicly who is actively helping to develop the FMI standard.

The next level of involvement is membership in the FMI Steering Committee which is the governing body of the MAP FMI. You have to formally apply, explaining your past, current and future involvement and plans with the FMI standard. The FMI Steering Committee will vote on your applications.


The Modelica Association is a non-profit organization with seat in Linköping, Sweden. It is registered as:

Organisationsnummer: 822003-8858
Juridisk form: 61 Ideell förening uden ekonomisk ändemaal
Län: 05 Östergötland
Kommun: 80 Linköping
Atgard: Nyregistrerad 2000-12-12

Contact mail address

Modelica Association c/o PELAB, IDA, Linköpings Universitet S-58183 Linköping Sweden